Workshops “on the green border”

Workshops “on the green border” within the project „Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level” co-financed co-financed within the programme the Internal Security Fund - Police.


The workshops were held on the 21st -26th of October, 2019 in Zamość and in Dorohusk. In the workshops, apart from the participants from the Regional Police Headquaters in Lublin, participated the representatives from Nadbużański Border Guard Unit, the National Police Headquarters -  Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation, National Police General Directorate in Bulgaria, the Board of Estonian Police and Border Guards , National Spanish Police, Presidium of the Berlin Police,  General inspectorate of Romanian Police and Satu Mare County Police and Inspectorate.

During the first two days of the workshops, its participants presented, basing on the example of selected operational cases, methods of combating organized drug crime. The project partners presented the course of cases starting from the ways of investigating organized criminal groups to final conclusion of the case, focusing on the presented charges and the quantities of secured drugs. Legal regulations regarding combating drug-related crime, methods of combating organized international crime as well as directions of drug trafficking to individual countries were also presented. The focal point of the workshops was to conduct a practical exercise on the green border in Dorohusk in cooperation with the Nadbużański Border Guard Unit, where the project participants were familiarized with the organizational structure of the Border Guard in Poland and its tasks related to combating drug crime. The eastern border of the Republic of Poland is also the border of the European Union. Drug smuggling from Western Europe to the East takes place mainly at the subject border of Poland. The implemented project allowed the exchange of experience and good practices in the field of methods used to combat drug related-crime. The particular attention was paid to technical support of operational activities. During the workshops, the equipment purchased in the project was used. As part of the workshops, project participants moved to the border post in Kryłów, where the state border is marked by a river. They were acquainted there with the forms of work and the threats affecting work at the border crossing resulting from, inter alia, prevailing weather conditions. After summarizing the workshops, participants were given certificates of participation. From the course of the workshops there was created a film and the document  concerning the best practices in the domain of preventing and fighting drug related crime.

workshop participants




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