Study visit to Romania

Study visit to Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate and Cluj –Napoca County Police Inspectorate/Romania within the project „Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level” co-financed co-financed within the programme the Internal Security Fund - Police.

On 25th-28th of June, 2019 there was held the study visit to Cluj Napoca and Satu-Mare / Romania concerning the project „Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level” financed from the European’s Union’s Internal Security Fund-Police.

The purpose of the study visit was to  get to know the technical capacity of the Romanian Police  in combating drug-related crime and  to exchange knowledge and experience in this domain. 

During the study visit  the representatives of the  Regional Police Headquarters in Lublin, Nadbużański Border Guard Unit, the National Police Headquarters -  Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation, Estonian Police and Border Guard, National Police General Directorate in Bulgaria, the Berlin Police, National Spanish Police got acquainted with the legal regulations on drugs use/trafficking and  state strategies concerning anti-drug policy in Romania. The project partners  visited the Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate where they were presented the organizational structure of the drug section and tasks in relation to prevention and fight against drug-related crime, statistics and main problems which Romanian police, in particular Satu Mare County faces in the domain of drug-related crime. The representative of the National Antidrug Agency Satu Mare talked over the prevention and assistance of drug use in Satu Mare county. The project partners visited the Operational Center of Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate and the Dispatch IT&C where they could compare the technical possibilities  in combating drug-related crime between their countries and Romania. The representatives of the project partners visited also Cluj Napoca County Police Inspectorate, in particular the Brigade for Combatting Organised Crime where they were also introduced to the structure and functions of the Drug Sector in relation to prevention and fight against drug-related crime, technical capacity and the main problems the unit encounters. At the Forensic Drug Analysis Laboratory they were shown the equipment designed to the analysis of the drugs and other psychotropic substances as well as they  visited the Shooting Training Center located in the Police Agents School in Cluj – Napoca “Septimu  Muresan. Finally, the project participants went through antidrug control procedure during the visit to the Border Police in Cluj – Napoca International Airport.

Thanks to the visit, the participants could exchange information in relation to their daily activities concerning combating drug trafficking and establish working contacts which may be fruitful in their work.

                                            participants of the study visit



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