Workshops concerning dismantling illegal drug laboratories ( I and II panel)

Workshops concerning dismantling illegal drug laboratories ( I and II panel) within the project within the realization of the project “Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level

Workshops concerning dismantling illegal drug laboratories ( I and II panel) were held from 4 to 9 of November and from 25 to 30 of November, 2019. In the workshops, apart from the participants from the Regional Police Headquaters in Lublin, participated the representatives from Nadbużański Border Guard Unit, the National Police Headquarters -  Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation, National Police General Directorate in Bulgaria, the Board of Estonian Police and Border Guards , National Spanish Police, Presidium of the Berlin Police,  General inspectorate of Romanian Police and Satu Mare County Police and Inspectorate.

For the two first days of the workshops, the project participants got acquainted with the theoretical issues concerning dismantling illegal drug laboratories. They were presented the characteristic  and occurrence of the Polish illegal labs producing synthetic drugs and precursors, the production of amphetamine using Leuckart method, the production methods of 1-phenyl-2-propanone, as well as the production methods of amphetamine, amphetamine type stimulants and other chosen synthetic drugs. The special attention was paid to the drug smuggling routes to Poland, hazards connected with dangerous substances in illegal drug labs and explosive materials and booby traps in illegal drug labs. The practical part of the workshops took place in the International Training Centre for Combating Clandestine Laboratories , which is supervised by the police officers from the central Investigation Bureau of Polish Police.

The instructors presented a professional way of preparing officers to enter the premises of a previously located drug laboratory. The principles of correct decontamination were presented. Then there were planned activities  to enter the illegal laboratory. The next practical exercises consisted of searching the places where chemical substances and narcotics were found. The implemented project allowed the exchange of experience and good practices in the field of methods used to combat drug crime. Particular attention was paid to the stages of illicit drug laboratories. Information obtained during the workshops  at the International Training Center for Combating Illegal Drug Laboratories contributed to the improvement of the professional qualifications of project participants in the field of drug-related crime, including the acquisition of skills that will certainly contribute to safer, professional conduct of activities at the place of disclosure of  illegal drug laboratory. During the workshops, the equipment purchased in the project was used. After summarizing the workshops, participants were given certificates of participation. From the course of the workshops there was created a film and the document  concerning the guidelines on methods and procedures applied during dismantling storage and production facilities for illicit drugs.

workshop participants


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