Study visit to Germany

Study visit to the Presidium of the Berlin Police within the project „Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level” co-financed co-financed within the programme the Internal Security Fund - Police.

On 23rd-26th of June, 2019 there was held the study visit to the Presidium of the Berlin Police concerning the project „Enhancing capacity of services to combat drug trafficking at the European level” financed from the European’s Union’s Internal Security Fund-Police.

The purpose of the study visit was to  get to know the technical capacity of the the Presidium of the Berlin Police in combating drug-related crime and  to exchange knowledge and experience in this domain. 

During the study visit  the representatives of the  Regional Police Headquarters in Lublin, Nadbużański Border Guard Unit, the National Police Headquarters -  Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation, National Police General Directorate in Bulgaria, the Board of Estonian Police and Border Guards , National Spanish Police, General inspectorate of Romanian Police and Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate  got acquainted with the legal regulations on drugs use / trafficking and  state strategies concerning anti-drug policy in Germany. They were  also presented the structure and functions of the Drug Sector in relation to prevention and fight against drug-related crime, technical capacity and the main problems the unit encounters. The project participants were acquainted with the conduct  of  the investigations of organised trafficking groups in public transport ( subway). Particular attention was paid to joint police and customs investigation teams. It was emphasized that in Germany  there was issued an act the field of counteracting the placing on the market of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, specifying groups of chemical compounds, not prohibited individual substances. The above modification has significantly facilitated the operation of law enforcement agencies in preventing the introduction of new psychoactive substances to the German market. The participants of the study visit were presented the principles of using legal assistance in international investigations and methods of conducting criminal analysis by the German police. As in other European Union countries, German Police officers start this analysis by checking open sources - mainly the Internet. There were also presented the issues related to synthetic drugs, illegal laboratories and the so-called dark-net, because most drugs are sold on the Berlin market via the Internet. Payments are made in so-called 'bitcoins'. Project partners also visited a forensic laboratory where they were familiarized with the equipment options for testing psychotropic substances. In the Department of Operational Technique, the project participants  were presented the equipment used by German police necessary to combat drug related-crime.

Thanks to the visit, the participants could exchange information in relation to their daily activities concerning combating drug trafficking and establish working contacts which may be fruitful in their work.

participants of the study visit



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